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Вечно Вы, Марина, дехкан простодушных в кознях каких-то подозреваете. :(
Мне в руки попал кусок манускрипта (как минимум прошлого века) с вымаранными словами. Я ж немецкий знаю на уровне понимания о существовании такого языка, а интуитивно показалось что в манускрипте что-то интересное. Вот и все, никаких подвохов.

Да и про надписи Вы сильно неправы. Вот, например:

Translation of the Everett Papyri
Samples #7-A-27 through #7-A-35

This documents contains the translations of the papyri found in the underground chamber at the quarry site near Giza. The initial discovery was initially made by Dr. Everett, American University in September. Translations were accomplished using the accepted Ford-Elliott hieroglyphic translation tables. Where ambigous, possible translations are so noted.

In this researcher's opinion, the Everett papryi are an amazing find. Although each Egyptologist will probably try to use them to further his or her own theories, they will teach us a significant amount about the building of the Great Pyramids.

These papryi are a chronicle, a story preserved by a cutter. Although we know little about him, his word tell us volumes about his work and about his people. This preliminary release of his writings is meant to both inspire and confuse. Use them well.

Один из:

Papyrus #28, Batch #7, Site A.Translation by Dr. Sarah Mercer

"Ehab and others went into (the gallery) today. Before, more stones were cut to finish the casing of the tomb. The rock given [to us] is white and smooth and large cube[-shaped]. Too big for one worker to carry. When Ehab visits with Zahi soon at the quarry, the source of these stones will be (learned, found). Imhotep is as wise as said when Ehab sees the stones. When Imhotep speaks all workers listen and [give] respect. The word comes straight from Pharaoh who is honored with this great tomb."

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