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Medical Hypotheses
Volume 68, Issue 2, 2007, Pages 446-449

Medical papyri describe the effects of the Santorini eruption on human health, and date the eruption to August 1603–March 1601 BC

Siro Igino Trevisanato, a,

a2449 Felhaber Cresc., Oakville, Ont., Canada L6H 7N8

Received 16 June 2006; accepted 21 June 2006. Available online 28 September 2006.

Egyptian medical papyri date the Santorini eruption, and reconcile the hitherto perceived dichotomy between archaeological/historical and scientific data. The medical documentation describes ailments, which can only have arisen from a volcanic source: ash fallout, rain acidified by ash, and a plume. Furthermore, the Egypt described by the medical texts matches the one in the series of so-called biblical plagues. This match in turn provides the length of time, 19 months, between the initial and final phases of the eruption, each phase contributing to the otherwise odd accumulation of sulfates spread over two consecutive biennia (1603–1600 BC) in Greenland’s ice core. As a result, the initial phase of the eruption can be dated to August 21, 1603 BC, and the final one to March 1601 BC, in full agreement with the radiocarbon data (1627–1600 BC) based on the outermost ring on the branch of an olive tree killed by the eruption.

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