Везувий август или ноябрь?

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Оказывается специалист уже более 100 лет назад доказали.
Дата извержения Везувия 24 августа противоречит археологическим фактам.

“” Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898)
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/pt … %3Dpompeii

Thus, for instance, the year in which the eruption took place is well known (A.D. 79); not so the month and the day, as the text of Pliny which mentions them is undoubtedly corrupt. The Neapolitan scholars have favoured autumn (November) rather than summer (August),…

…The controversy about the precise date of the destruction of Pompeii was settled on October 11th, 1889. While excavating a bed of volcanic ashes, a few steps outside the Porta Stabiana, Signor Ruggero discovered and moulded in plaster two human forms, and that of a trunk of a tree, 3.40 metres long, 0.40 m. in diameter….

... The middle section of the trunk is wonderfully well preserved, together with many leaves and berries. Trunk, leaves, and berries belong undoubtedly to a species of Laurus Nobilis, the fruit of which comes to maturity towards the end of autumn. Prof. Pasquale, in a paper published in the Notizie degli Scavi for 1889, p. 408, proves that the berries discovered on October 11th were perfectly ripe. This Laurus Nobilis, therefore, so ingeniously brought back to life after a lapse of one thousand eight hundred and ten years, settles the controversy concerning [p. 1289] the date of the eruption: it took place in the month of November, on November 23, A.D. 79.”’

А если учесть, что это Лаурус на самом деле созревает в канун Рождества, то снова получаем декабрь 1631.
Да и современные итальянские археологи накопили массу фактов противоречащих дате 24 августа. См. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_dell%27eruzione_del_Vesuvio_del_79
или http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesuvius#cite_ref-51

И они предполагают осень, а может все таки зима?
Лавр распологает.

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