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> А тут явно написанно :

The humanities are academic disciplines ...

То есть наукой если и пахнет то не сильно .

Не вступая в дискуссию, отмечу, что тут явно написано:

Human science (also, moral science and human sciences as typical in the UK) is a term applied to the investigation of human life and activities by a rational, systematic and verifiable methodology that acknowledges the validity of both data derived by impartial observation of sensory experience (objective phenomena) and data derived by means of impartial observation of psychological experience (subjective phenomena). It includes but is not necessarily limited to fields of study commonly included within the social sciences and humanities, including history, sociology, anthropology, and economics. Its use of a empirical methodology that encompasses psychological experience contrasts to the purely positivistic approach typical of the natural sciences (which exclude all methods not based solely on external sensory observations). Thus the term is often used to distinguish not only the content of a field of study from those of the natural sciences, but also its methodology

И морально-гуманные Sciences начинают цвести и пахнуть.

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