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History is one way of telling stories, just like myth, fiction, or oral
storytelling. But over the last hundred years, history has pre-emptied the
other forms of storytelling because of its claim to absolute, objective
truth. Trying to be scientists, historians stood outside of history and told
the story of how it was. All that has changed radically over the last twenty
years. Historians now laugh at the pretence of objective truth. They agree
that every age has its own history, and if there is any objective truth, we
can't reach it with words. History is not a science, it's an art.

There are still people who insist on teaching history as a science, but
that's not how most historians work anymore. My husband, Charles, who is a
historian, says, "I don't know the difference between story and history. I
think it may not be a difference in kind, but a difference in their attempts
to be truthful."


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