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When Professor J.B. Bury gave his inaugural lecture as Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge in 1903, he twice made a statement which has been the subject of debate ever since. He said that "history is a science, no less and no more". This was at once attacked from two sides. Scientists claimed that history was necessarily less than a science, for one could not, after all, test its truth by repeatable experiments or submit it to any other test analogous to those available to chemists or physicists. And men of letters attacked Bury's claim by insisting that history was more than a science, since it required a high degree of literary ability for its expression. It also required an intuitive capacity, more akin to art, for its interpretation, particularly when it took the form of biography.

Bury's own conscientious agnostic mind clearly regarded history as an exercise of reason.

Это я тоже нашел ища фразу "history is a science" .

И ежу ясно что наука не сводится к умственным упражнениям.

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