А вот еще что я надыбал в интернете .

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Is cosmology a science? By traditional criteria the answer would surely be "no". There is only one Universe, and even if we think of that as the result of a giant experiment, it is an experiment that cannot be repeated. Indeed cosmology seems more like science fiction when it ventures to discuss the beginning of the Universe, and the causes of the hot big bang. As a quantitative subject, cosmology has until recently been relatively weak, with most of the information deriving from observations of remote and inaccessible objects. The observations are almost always very difficult and fraught with possible artefacts.

In spite of these difficulties and uncertainties, cosmology is set to play an increasingly central role in science in the years ahead. In part this is due to the tremendous advances in observations. Almost all the theoretical models which were around just 10 years ago have been convincingly ruled out, and discrepancies of 10% between theory and observation are now taken seriously. The next decade promises still greater precision. But science is more than data, and the second reason for cosmology's advance is that theory is doing surprisingly well. General Relativity is the foundation of cosmology, but additions such as cosmic inflation are allowing us to make and test predictions on questions where General Relativity provides no answer, such as the origin of structure.

То есть скажем так астрофизика менее научна чем скажем ФТТ.
Не все чем занимаються физики на 100% научно .
Но нет сомнений что история не наука .

А вот еще сомнения в 100% научности космологии :


Вот другой взгляд :


Но тем не менее из обоих следует что астрофизика менее наука чем скажем ФТТ.

И о ужас , все цитаты из интернета ,а не из ваших любимых учебников !

Страх какой-то !
Что вы с этим делать будете ?

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