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Legio XX Valeria Vitrix:

XX Valeria Victrix - (40 a.C.)
Creata da Augusto, rimase leale all'Imperatore Domiziano durante la rivolta di L. Antonius Saturninus, nel 89 d.C. "VALENTE E VITTORIOSA" durante la rivolta di Boudicca.

Aqua Flavia:

The town was orignally named Aqua Flavia, it was given such name by the Emperor of Rome Flavius Vespasian. Some of the interesting things to see in Chaves are:
- The famous 90 meter long Trajan bridge with its 18 arches, built between 98 and 104 AD.

Aqua Sextia:

The Teutons were beaten at Aqua Sextia in 102 B.C., and the Cimbrians at Vercellae.

Aqua Augusta:*/Aqua_Marcia.html

Augustus also added another spring, the aqua Augusta, which lay 800 paces further up (see AQUA CLAUDIA), which doubled the volume of the aqueduct (Mon. Anc. iv.11, 12). The supply at the springs was 4690 quinariae, or 194,635 cubic metres in 24 hours.

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