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During the Batavian rebellion of 70 AD, Legio I Germanica was one of the legions (the other was Legio XVI Gallica) that went to help the legions besieged in Xanten. However, things did not go according to plan and the rescuing legions ended up imprisoned themselves. The new emperor Vespasian eventually suppressed the revolt, but the disaster of the four defeated legions was notorious. Legio I Germanica was merged with the surviving men of Galba's VII legion to form a new one, Legio VII Gemina.

Итак, после 70 г. н.э. Legio I Germanica объединили с Legio VII Гальбы и сформировали легион-близнецы, Legio VII Gemina. А до того Legio VII, вот,


Legio VII Hispana (Later Gemina or "Twin")
Founded by Servius Sulpicius Galba as Governor of Hispania in 68 AD. Recruited for his march on Rome after the death of Nero.

Теперь Тарраконенсис,


When Vespasian had become emperor, he reconstituted the seventh legion, adding soldiers from the disbanded I Germanica and calling it VII Gemina, the "twin legion". It served in Pannonia and (probably) Germania Superior, where it received an additional surname, Felix, 'lucky'. After four or five years, the unit was transferred back to Hispania Tarraconensis. Its new base was at Lеon (a rendering of Legio), close to the gold and iron mines of Gallaecia.

Here, the Seventh was to stay for centuries. Often, soldiers were sent to other towns in Spain to guard important roads or sites, or to serve in civil offices. For example, we know of legionaries working at the governor's headquarters at Tarraco (Tarragona). Every now and then, subunits were sent to the frontier, where they took part in necessary wars.

Итак, через 4-5 лет после слияния, Legio VII Gemina был возвращен из Паннонии в Тарраконенсис и размещен в нынешнем Леоне (бывш. Легионе), где столетиями и квартировал, отвлекаясь на фигню типа


In 86, he became one of the child Hadrian's guardians. He was then appointed legate of legio VII Gemina in Hispania Tarraconensis, from which he marched at Domitian's orders in 89 to crush the uprising of Antonius Saturninus along the Rhine.

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