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: Roger
: 16 June 2004 at 16:58:44:

: Re: ?ֿӿڿٿ

> ܿݿѿֿ ?ֿӿڿٿ ڿ ڿܿ տԿѿӿֿֿӿܿڿ ߿ֿӿֿؿ ֿֿ߿ڿ ֿԿ
> Կѿӿֿֿӿܿ . ?ֿտ, ҿտ Կѿ߿ տѿ߿ڿ ? ѿӿֿ, ߿ڿܿѿ ߿
> ޿Կݿ ܿѿѿ ѿֿڿѿݿ߿ ܿӿ.

+ؿѿݿۿ, ؿѿݿۿ, տ ?ڿ, ѿ ߿ ޿ ߿, ܿѿܿڿ ڿ߿ڿܿѿ ? ֿտֿݿڿݿ ӿֿ߿ ٿ߿ѿ߿ڿ տԿѿӿֿֿӿܿ .

?ֿӿڿٿ, տ߿ѿܿ, ڿտ׿ ݿؿڿ ߿ѿٿѿ. ?ڿտֿ ݿ, ?ؿ߿ ?ֿӿڿٿ/ѿݿ޿ֿ ֿտ, ҿӿֿ߿߿, ӿݿֿ Կѿ߿ տѿ߿ڿ, ѿٿ߿ڿ ӿٿտ ӿֿ޿ ֿݿ:

Þe eir þat by clippiþ vs is to vs most profitable for nede of breþ and also for cotynual norischinge of þe spiritual lif. And 3if þe eyr is clere, bright & clene, humours & spiritis schulde be clere and bri3t..Eire I drawe by þe longen to þe herte and by þe herte to al þe body 3eueþ temprament þerto; & so þe eyr chaungiþ moost þe body, for he passiþ to c-e inner partyes & to þe spiritis.

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