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<Возможно Египтяне и использовали ее масло, но это не мешало им столь же широко <использовать и масло оливковое, и другие масла:

Вы или невнимательны или подменяете предмет спора - речь не о потреблении, а о произрастании. Впрочем, сами можете прочитать свою же ссылку:

"The outcome will provide a valuable contribution to the field of trace organic analysis applied to archaeology. Specifically addressed will be the need to establish a more efficient protocol for sample analysis and to clarify compositional variation in ancient organic matter associated with archaeological ceramics. These aspects will be explored through a detailed study of the contents of Late Bronze Age (c. 1500-1050 BC) Canaanite amphorae imported to Egypt . These jars, believed to have been manufactured in Syria/Palestine, were widely exported throughout the Mediterranean and are important indicators of the trade in bulk commodities. In addition, some of the jars transported to Egypt were inscribed, probably on arrival, with the names of the products which they contained . Translation of these texts provide an exceptionally clear indication of the types of commodities in use (higher plant resins, oils, honey). By integrating study of material from Egypt and Israel, this project will help establish links between the sources of the jars, the commodities, the names of those products and ultimately the transport of organic substances in the Mediterranean world."

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