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Меня, честно говоря, привлекла фраза в абстракте

Here we show from maximum-entropy spectral analysis of a 9,600-yr high-precision 14C chronology that changes occur in the Sun's convective zone with a fundamental oscillatory mode of about 2.4 x 10-3 yr-1 (420-yr period), and we also identify several harmonics.

Я подумал - а вдруг они и такую высокочастотную увидели?

> Об истории открытия минимума Маундера есть очень интересная статья
Eddy J.A., The Maunder minimum. - Science, 192, 1189 (1976).

Было бы очень интересно прочесть, но увы! мой доступ к архивам Science ограничивается 1995 годом...

Что касается цикла не до, а во время самого периода Маундера, то несколько статей упомянуты в этой заметке:
Geomagnetic activity and wind velocity during the Maunder minimum
It is still highly controversial whether during the
Maunder minimum there was an 11-year cycle or not.
Kocharov (1987) has shown the variations of 14C with
time from 1600+1730, finding that they had a cycle
closer to 22 years. Silverman (1992) indicates that
during the Maunder minimum the 11-year cycle disap-
pears in the frequency of auroral occurrence. On the
other hand, Ribes et al. (1989) show that during this
minimum the horizontal solar diameter had variations
dominated by a 9.4-year periodicity. Schroeder (1992)
demonstrates that the 11-year cycle in solar and auroral
activity existed during this period. Ribes and Nesme-
Ribes (1993) identify an approximately 11-year cycle in
sunspot numbers.


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