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A second batch of Thera samples was analyzed at Pennsylvania in 1976ff., presumably as a control upon the first batch (I suppose we could ask Professor Doumas what his motives were for submitting it), with horrible results for all parties concerned (Betancourt, Michael, and Weinstein 1978; Weinstein and Michael 1978). The dates ranged all the way from the Early Bronze Age to the end of the Late Bronze Age. The very few reasonable dates fell into both early and late camps. Indeed, the authors themselves pointed out that "the Series II radiocarbon dates are of little or no value for Minoan chronology."
Из книги: "Overview and Assessment of the Evidence for the Date of the Eruption of Thera" in D. A. Hardy and A. C. Renfrew, eds., Thera and the Aegean World III: Proceedings of the Third International Congress, Santorini, Greece, 3-9 September 1989. Vol. III "Chronology" (London: The Thera Foundation 1990) 13-18.

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