Коловорот у Птолемея и Гиппарха

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По поводу термина colure процитируем введение Тумера (G.J. Toomer) к его англ. переводу "Альмагеста", стр. 19:

-------начало цитаты----------
colure. This term is used by Ptolemy only once, at II 6 p. 83. I translate part of Manitius' note on that passage: Two of the circles of declination through the poles of equator are named 'colure' (колоvроs): the solsticial colure, which goes through the solstices and hence carries the poles of the ecliptic, and the equinoctial colure. These two colures divide the sphere into four equal parts and divide both ecliptic and equator into four quadrants, so that one quadrant corresponds to each season of the year. Ptolemy counts the solsticial colure as boundary of the daily revolution [I 8 pp.46-7, where however the term 'colure' is not used], but never explicitly mentions the equinoctial colure. Both colures were already defined by Eudoxus (Hipparchus, Comm. in Arat. 117ff.) The term is explained by Achilles, Isagoge 27 (Maass, Comm. in Arat. 60) as follows: 'They are called colures because they appear to have their tails cut off (ovраs) as it were, since we cannot see the parts of them beginning at the antarctic, always invisible parallel'.
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Так в интерпретации Ахиллеса всем понятный коловорот превратился в хвостоурез. Увидеть colurus можно, напр., на карте Хоманна, которую я собрал для Стаффа.

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