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Я хочу сказать что ДО Стевина понятия 'вторая' (секунда по латыни), 'третья' (терция по латыни), и так далее, не встречались ВООБЩЕ! Кроме двенадцатиричников, конечно, но Данте - явно не из числа.

Вот когда появляются двенадцатая, тринадцатая и четырнадцатая, к примеру:

twelfth , a. and n.

Forms: see below.

[OE. twelfta, = OFris. twilifta, twel(e)fta (WFris. toalfte, -de), MDu. twal(e)fde, twael(e)fde, twel(e)fde (Du. twaalfde), OS. *twelifto (MLG. twelf-, twalf-, twolfde, LG. twцlfte, etc.), OHG. zwelifto, -lefto (MHG. zwelfte, Ger. zwцlfte), ON. tуlfti, -te, (Norw. tolvte, dial. tolte, Sw. tolfte, Da. tolvte), Goth. *twalifta: f. OE. twelf twelve. In southern ME. (14th c.), twelft became twelfth, after fourth, etc., but twelft, twelt, twalt remain in various dialects: see -th2 and Note to tenth.]
A. adj.

1. The ordinal numeral corresponding to the cardinal twelve; last of twelve; that comes next after the eleventh.

a. In concord with a n. expressed.
a. 1 twelfta, 1-6 -te, 2-3 (Orm.) twellfte, 3 tweolfte, tuelfte, (4 tuelfd, -fed), 4 (Sc. -6) tuelft, 4-7 (9 dial.) twelft, (4-5 tuelfete), 6 Sc. tuelfet, tuelt, 6 Sc. (9 dial.) twelt, twalt.

1. a. A twelfth part: see A. 2.

1557 Recorde Whetst. B ij b, Sesquiduodecima, 13 to 12..a twelueth more.

1696 Locke Lower. Interest (ed. 2) 136 Supposing..5s. or a Crown, were to weigh an Ounce..whereof one twelfth were Copper, and eleven twelfths Silver.

1712 J. James tr. Le Blond's Gardening 197 Five Twelfths of an Inch thick.

1792 A. Young Trav. France 537 No such thing was ever known in any part of a tenth: it was always a twelfth, or a thirteenth, or even a twentieth of the produce.


fourteenth a. and n.

Forms: 1 fйowertйoрa, -teo?рa, 3 fourteothe, fowrtuрe, 3-4 four-, south. vourteЮe, fourtend, (3 four-, fortend), 4 faurtend, fourtenЮe, -teneth, 6- fourteenth.

[OE. fйowertйoрa, f. fйowertэne fourteen on the analogy of tйoрa tenth. (For the subsequent history of the forms cf. fifteenth.)]
The ordinal numeral belonging to the cardinal fourteen.

A. adj. in concord with n. expressed; also ellipt. fourteenth part: one of 14 equal parts into which a whole is divided.

a. A fourteenth part.
b. Mus. The octave or replicate of the seventh.

1597 Morley Introd. Mus. 71 Phi. Which distances make discord? Ma. A ninth, aleuenth, a fourteenth, etc.

1800 Young in Phil. Trans. XCI. 59 Its transverse diameter must be diminished one-fourteenth..of an inch.


Так что Ваша реплика про разнобразие не проходит - оно начинается только после Рекорда и Стевина.

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