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Нашел, отчего же.

centesimal (sEn"tEsIm@l), a. and n.

[f. L. cente?simus hundredth, cente?sima (pars) hundredth (part), f. centum hundred + -al1. Cf. decimal.]
A. adj.

Е 1. Hundred-fold. Obs.

a1682 Sir T. Browne Tracts (1684) 40 This centessimal increase [Matt. xiii. 23]..this centessimal fructification.

2. Relating to division into hundredths. centesimal thermometer = centigrade thermometer.

1809 Troughton in Phil. Trans. XCIX. 135 The centesimal division of the quadrant.
1812-6 Playfair Nat. Phil. (1819) I. 247 When the centesimal thermometer is used.
1852 Th. Ross tr. Humboldt's Trav. I. i. 23 At great depths the thermometer marks 7 or 8 centesimal degrees.
3. Relating to fractions of a hundred; calculated according to percentage.
1829 C. Welch Wesl. Polity 234 The centesimal ratio of increase.

B. n. A hundredth part; the second figure after the decimal point. ? Obs.

1698 Derham in Phil. Trans. XX. 47 The Height of the Mercury in the Barometer, in Inches and Centesimals.

1727 Arbuthnot Anc. Coins, &c. (J.) The neglect of a few centesimals in the side of the cube.

centesimally (sEn"tEsIm@lI), adv.
[f. prec. + -ly2.]
Into hundredths, in fractions of a hundred.
1832 Nat. Philos. II. Thermom. & Pyrom. i. 9 (Usef. Knowl. Soc.) Celsius..divided centesimally the thermometer his name.
1869 Daily News 13 Sept., I have..given the result of my examination in ounces and also centesimally.

q centesimo (tSen"tEzimo). Pl. centesimi.
An Italian coin of the value of one hundredth of a lira.
1851 E. Ruskin Let. 2 Nov. in M. Lutyens Effie in Venice (1965) ii. 210 Gondoliers carrying people across..for which they were paid a centesimo.
1922 D. H. Lawrence et al. tr. Bunin's Gent. from San Francisco 33 He gambled away to the last farthing all those copper coins.., in all..forty centesimi.
1959 E. Pound Thrones civ. 90 And a $ to look like a franc, the franc worth a centesimo.

centesimate (sEn"tEsImeIt), v.
[f. L. cente?sima?re (f. cente?simus hundredth): see -ate3. Cf. decimate.]
To select every hundredth person for punishment. So
1660 Jer. Taylor Duct. Dubit. ii. 122 (L.) Sometimes the criminals were decimated by lot, as appears in..Julius Capitolinus, who also mentions a centesimation.
1753 Chambers Cycl. Supp. s.v., Macrinus sometimes decimated and sometimes centesimated the soldiers.
1768 E. Buys Dict. Terms of Art, Centesimation, a milder Kind of military Punishment..when only every hundredth Man is executed.
1839 De Quincey Wks. (1862) VII. 270 Elsewhere, we decimate, or even centesimate.

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