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А это что тогда?

Е 'centesm. Obs. Also 5 centysme, 7 centesme; also 8 in Lat. form centesima.
[a. OF. centiesme (prob. in Anglo-F. centesme, centisme), mod.F. centiиme, centime:-L. cente?sim-um hundredth.]

A hundredth part.

1483 Caxton Gold. Leg. 427/3 The centysme of the goodes of the forsayd bysshop.

1635 Gellibrand Variation Magn. Needle 2 The Horizon..divided into 360 parts, and each part subdivided into Centesmes or Millesmes.

1827 Hutton Course Math. I. 150 Mr. Briggs also computed the Logarithms of the sines, tangents, and secants, to every degree, and centesm, or 100th part of a degree.

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