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Там не одна статья а две, и обе кстати неплохие


Enhanced: "How Science Survived"--Medieval Manuscripts as Fossils

Sharon Larimer Gilman and Florence Eliza Glaze

Ancient texts often survived from Antiquity through the Middle Ages in the form of copies made by dedicated monks before the arrival of the printing press in the 15th century A.D.; some of these texts are still in existence today. But how can we estimate the numbers of texts that survived or went extinct and consequently the amount of knowledge that we have inherited from the past? As biologist Gilman and historian Glaze discuss in their fascinating Perspective, a new study by Cisne helps to solve the problem by linking the paleodemography of ancient and medieval texts to population dynamics. By considering a series of extant medieval scientific manuscripts as "fossils" of early textual populations and applying models from population biology, Cisne calculates the size and age-distributions of certain scientific texts.

The authors are in the Departments of Biology and History, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC 29528, USA. E-mail: sgilman@coastal.edu, fglaze@coastal.edu


How Science Survived: Medieval Manuscripts' "Demography" and Classic Texts' Extinction

John L. Cisne

Determining what fraction of texts and manuscripts have survived from Antiquity and the Middle Ages has been highly problematic. Analyzing the transmission of texts as the "paleodemography" of their manuscripts yields definite and surprisingly high estimates. Parchment copies of the foremost medieval textbooks on arithmetical and calendrical calculation closely fit age distributions expected for populations with logistic growth and manuscripts with exponential survivorship. The estimated half-lives of copies agree with Bischoff's paleographically based suggestion that roughly one in seven manuscripts survive in some form from ninth-century Carolingian workshops. On this basis, many if not most of the leading technical titles circulating in Latin probably survived, even from late Antiquity.

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA.

E-mail: cisne@geology.cornell.edu

Я могу прислать *.pdf если кому нужно.

Вначале думал выложить статьи сюда, они не очень большие, но потом поостерегся - там всякие значки и уравнения, как они перенесут такое копирование, я не знаю.

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