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Вам не удастся установить день рождения Августа. Потому что он завысил свой возраст, см.

In the next place I shall speak of Octavian on whose account this narrative was undertaken; how he came into power, and now, after he had taken his predecessor's place, he employed himself in deeds of peace and war.

He entered the Forum, aged about fourteen, to put off the toga praetextata and assume the toga virilis, this being a token of his becoming registered as a man. Then while all the citizens looked upon him, because of his comeliness and very evidently noble descent, he sacrificed to the gods and was registered in the sacred college in place of Lucius Domitius, who had died. The people indeed had very eagerly elected him to this position. Accordingly, he performed the sacrifice, adorned with the toga virilis and at the same time the honors of a very high priestly office.

Nevertheless, though he was registered as of age according to law, his mother would not let him leave the house other than as he did before, when he was a child, and she made him keep to the same mode of life and sleep in the same apartment as before. FOr he was of age only by law, and in other respects was taken care of as a child. He did not change the fashion of his clothes, but continued to use the Roman garb.

И там еще много признаков завышения Августом собственного возраста, лень перечислять. Так что, когда в "Деяниях божественного Августа" надпись сообщает "Девятнадцати лет от роду я собрал войско...", верить этому не надо. Ему меньше было, точно. В истории известны другие такие прыткие - ген. Лафайет, например.

Так что и день рождения поменять ему было нипочем.

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