Sergey Petrovich Vyatchanin

Field of interest: Theory of quantum measurements. Precision measurements. Quantum optics and radiophysics.

The main scientific results:

It is proposed the new class of quantum measurement : variational measurements, which allow to overcome standard quantum limit in pisition meter  by excluding the negative influence of fluctuational back action. The procedure of quantum variational measurement is detally analyzed for differnt optical meter and for the kind of Geisenberg microscope.

It is proposed the new method of quantum nondemolition measurement of energy of optical wave in waveguide using effect of quadratic scattering of electron or atom.  It is shown that this method allows to measure a single photons in wave guides or microresonators.

It is development the new methods for quantum nondemolition measurements of quadrature componets in traveling or standing wave using nonlinear ponderomotive interaction of signal and meter waves.

Personal Data:

Born October 31, 1952 in Moscow, USSR.
Married; one daughter, two sons.

Education and Degree:

Diplom (equivalent of M.S.) in Physics, Moscow State University, 1976
Kandidat (equivalent of Ph.D.) in Physics, Moscow State University, 1980
Doctor (equivalent of German Habilitation) in Physics,  Moscow State University, 1999

Academic Positions: (all in Physics Faculty of Moscow State University)

Reseach fellow, 1980 - 1985
Senior Reseach Fellow, 1985 - 1999
Leading Reseach Fellow, 1999 - 2001
Professor, 2001 - present

Several Publications for last years:

1. S. P. Vyatchanin, A. Yu. Ageev, I. A. Bilenko, V. B. Braginsky
``Measurement of excess noise in the suspension fiber for a gravitational wave detector'',  Physics Letters A,   A227, 159-164 (1997).

2. S. P. Vyatchanin and A. Yu. Lavrenov
``Heisenberg microscope and quantun variation measurement'', Physics Letters A  A231, 38-46 (1997).

3. S. P. Vyatchanin
``The Estimation of Signal Force Parameters in Quantum Variation Measurement'', Physics Letters A, A239, 201-208 (1998).

 4. S. P. Vyatchanin
``Quantum variation measurement and a Heisenberg Microscope'', Optics and Spectroscopy87, 532 - 540 (1999).

5. S. P. Vyatchanin, V. B. Braginsky and Yu. Levin
``How to reduce suspensionthermal noise in LIGO without improving the Q of the pendulum and violin modes'' ,
Meas.. Sci. Technol.   10, 598-606 (1999).

6. S. P. Vyatchanin, V. B. Braginsky and  M. L. Gorodetsky,
``Thermodynamical fluctuations and photo-thermal shot noise in gravitational wave antennae'',   Physics Letters A, A264, 1-10 (1999).

7. S.  P.  Vyatchanin, V.  B.  Braginsky, M. L. Gorodetsky,
 ``Thermo-refractive noise in gravitational wave antennae'', Physics Letters AA271,  303-307 (2000).

8. S.  P.  Vyatchanin, S. E. Strigin,
 ``The problem of compensation of internal mechanical  noise in test mass of gravitational wave antennae'',
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